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I'm laurel, welcome to my lair. If you are looking for somebody normal then i'm sorry but you've reached my page by mistake. Please hit the back button to escape. If you are completely mad however, and are looking for the leader of your kind, you have found me. Welcome home~ I'm a writer, a photographer, a good listener, and... uh.. i'm very bad at the "about" section ^^'




they saved her life

Y’all don’t understand what this scene means to me. This Christian girl wearing the flower crown and the white bedsheet was going to murder Piper for not kowtowing to her homophobic bullshit. Like, Piper is out here about to get shanked when the inmate counselor is within ear shot and can see what’s about to go down. Piper calls out for help, and the counselor turns his back and leaves, knowing full well that Piper might die. This is what a lot of Pacifists don’t understand: you can not react in a non-violent manner to someone who is trying to kill you. You have to be able to use the appropriate amount of force to disarm them, and thanks to these fantastic women of color, Piper didn’t die. This scene was everything.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this gif set



You know you’re a survivor when it tears you up inside to see your abuser with other people. They can be so charming and lighthearted in front of others that it just helps strengthen the facade and make people less likely to believe in their cruelty.

Holy shit yeah


this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

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no son, theres no monster under your bed. there is, however, one under mine so ill be taking your bed tonight. good luck out there, kiddo




When friends won’t believe they’re cute and perfect


when friends insist that you’re cute and perfect


shhhhhhhh you’re cute and perfect deal with it



OHMYGOSH! This looks so good!